Union Video Call Comparison

Union's internal video conferencing feature is currently in beta. Check out the features side by side with some other video conferencing platforms to see if Union Video Call is a match for you and your business. If you would like this enabled on your org, please reach out to support@union.fit. If you're looking to use Union Video Call, we recommend the class size be 10 or under for optimal experiences.

Highlighted Features

Union Video Call


Google Meet

Default HD (1080p) Video Resolution Yes No No
Automatic Replay Upload into Union Platform Yes No No

General Features

Choose Camera Yes Yes Yes
Choose Microphone Yes Yes Yes
Choose Speakers Yes Yes Yes
Choose Presenter Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Presenters Yes Yes Yes
Presenter can Start & End Call Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Participants Yes Yes Yes
17+ Video View Participants (includes teacher) No Yes Yes

Recording Features

Option to Record All Participants Yes Yes No
Option to Record Host Only Yes Yes Yes
Choose when Recording Begins Yes Yes Yes

In Call Features

Spotlight the Host or Other Participants Yes Yes Yes
Chat Feature Yes Yes Yes
List of All Participants Yes Yes Yes
One Click Mute/Unmute All Yes Yes No
Mute/Unmute Specific Participants Yes Yes Yes
Can Screen Share Yes Yes Yes
Remove Participants from Call Yes Yes Yes
Breakout Rooms No Yes No
Captions No Yes Yes
Music and Professional Audio Options Yes (with additional products) Yes Yes
Custom Background No Yes Yes
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