Setup your Events for Union Video Call

Union's Video Call feature is here! This feature is in beta testing, if you would like this to be applied to your org, please reach out to

Setup Tasks

Your existing passes and subscriptions that allow external video calls have been updated to also accept Union Video Calls, but going forward here's how you can edit existing or new passes.

To enable you'll want to edit the schedules for the events that will be via Video Call. Products > Events and then select Edit against the corresponding event:

You should be able to simply change the attendance type to Union Video Call and then save! 

However, if you save and your performances are not generating correctly (i.e. the performances lack a registration button), follow these steps:

Edit your event and select Remove against the schedule. Union will give you a heads up if there are any active performances attached that the schedule you're removing. You must accept to delete the schedule. 

Then you will be re-adding the schedule. Click Add Schedule 

When creating your teachers schedule, be sure to choose Union Video Call for the attendance type.

Once all schedules have been removed and added, Update Event

If you had any registrations against the previous schedule, you may need to cancel those performances. 

You can manually add those who were previously registered by using the Express Add Attendee feature! 

Once you've added all attendees to the new performance, can choose to Hide your canceled performance from the list. 

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