Add a Digital Download or PDF to your Event or Replay

If you have a word doc, PDF, or a worksheet that you want to include in your students registrations, you can add the at the event level or the replay level. This way, your students will have them in their Union account (Downloads) once they register!

Add a Download to your Event

Either Add New Event or click Edit against an existing event. In the section called Downloads click the button Choose Files. 

Add your files. If you have multiple documents, hold the shift key and select all applicable documents. 

You should see the file count once they have been added. 

Add a Download to a Replay

Similar to adding a download to an event, locate the replay you would like to add a file to. Click the drop down arrow and click Edit. 

Scroll to the Downloads section and click Choose Files. Follow the directions above to add your files. Then Update your replay! 

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