Getting Started with Segments

With you’re able to tailor your marketing to reach students based on their purchases and interactions with your business on Union. To gather this data, you'll need to create segments. Simply put, segments are database queries based off of interactions your customers are having in the Union software.

You can use segments as recipient lists, campaign triggers, filters, conversion goals and more. Whenever you need to reference a subset of the people in, you’ll use a segment. There are endless ways to create segments, let's get you started on the basics! Check out some of the automated conditions that can be used when creating your segments. This article provides great insight on how the condition will be used.

Where to Start

To view your segments, you'll want to click on Segments in the menu bar on the left-hand side of your dashboard. If you're ready to create a new segment, then click, Create Segment.

Add a name for your segment and either create or use an existing tag. Then click on Create Data-driven Segment.

Active Auto Segments

If you are apart of the Union workspace, you may see some Union magic happen in your segments list. Each time a pricing option is created, Union creates is as an "Active" segment. Every pass, subscription, ticket or payment plan that is active on your customers account, they will be added (or removed) from this segment. For example if someone used all of their passes on a pack or canceled their subscription, they would be removed from the Active Auto Segment.

In, your segment will inherit the products first name you save. For example, if you create a pass called "Monthly Unlimited" and later decide to name it something like "All Access Monthly", in, you can locate it under "Monthly Unlimited". 

Subscription Canceled Segment

While Union makes some magic for any client who has an active pricing option, you may need to create a segment to target clients who have canceled their subscription. This could be used if you want to send a "We're Sad to See You Go" email that could offer a survey to see why they're leaving or to offer a different subscription type.

Build a Segment for First Time Students (Attended One Class)

When someone is new to your community and has attended one class with you. This could be an entry point that could allow you to maintain engagement with your clients if you don't have a new student special pricing offer or would like to have a "welcome" campaign.

Build a Segment based on a Pricing Option

While the Union and automation will automatically create and sync any pricing option for you, there are cases where you may need to add a custom data-driven segment in your account. Some examples could be, you want to capture anyone who's purchased a specific pricing option or multiple pricing options. Learn more about how to create a segment based off a specific pricing option by locating its pass type id or the pricing name.

If you are using the name of a pricing option, please be aware that if you change the name of your pricing option, the segment will no longer apply. We recommend using the pass_type_id.

Build a Segment for Clients Who Attended a Class

In Union, registrations hold two primary states; Issued and Redeemed. If a registration is labeled as, Issued, this simply means they have registered for a class. Whether a student uses Union's self-service check-in or someone from your organization manually check's them in, their registration is marked at Redeemed.

Having a general registration_redeemed segment type can come in handy when you're needing to add a delay in a campaign. Meaning, send the next email when someone has attended a class.

How to Build a One Class Remaining Segment

A common question we hear is, how can I remind students to purchase a new class pack when they have one registration left on their class pack? By having a "one class remaining" segment as your campaign trigger, you can keep this one running forever and always. This means, your students always get an email reminder when they're class packs are running low!

Segments Based on Email Interactions

There's a certain sweet spot when it comes to email marketing. Choosing how many emails your customers get is a crucial balance between staying top of mind and being spam. You may choose to send a big announcement to an entire list of people but then any follow-up emails will go to those based on their interactions (or lack of interaction). Learn more about creating segments based off of customers email interactions.

Win-Back Segment: Hasn't Attended a Class within the Past 90 Days

Reach out to clients who you haven't seen in a while. This segment is based off of clients who have taken a class with you in the past, but have NOT attended a class (registration marked as redeemed) within the past 90 days. This video tutorial also helps refine it a little further if you would like to exclude clients who have an active pass or subscription.

Adding a Marketing CSV File

By default, any client that is added to your Union organization will automatically be synced to your account. If you were using a previous marketing provider (i.e. Mailchimp) and would like to add this to your list, it is highly recommended that you upload the list into Union first.

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