Sync Segments

With your account now apart of the Union workspace, we will be creating automatic segments that correspond to purchases. Meaning every pass, subscription, ticket or payment plan your customers purchase on Union. These segments will hold all active pass holders or subscribers -- for example if someone used all of their passes on a pack or canceled their subscription, they would be removed. 

*Note: In, your segment will inherit the products first name you save. For example, if you create a pass called "Monthly Unlimited" and later decide to name it something like "All Access Monthly", in, you can locate it under "Monthly Unlimited".  Please visit Edit a Segment Name to learn how to make these adjustments.  

Active Segments in Union

You can locate your segments in Union by visiting People > Segments. Please refer to our support article for more about Union's Segments Report

Active Segments in 

When visiting your account, you can easily identify which segments are synced because they will begin with Active

When an event like purchasing a new subscription happens in Union, your customer will have an active subscription and automatically be put into its attributing segment in! The same is true if they decide to cancel, they will be removed from the segment. 

Using Active Segments in

When creating a campaign or a broadcast that uses a segment condition, you can quickly search your pass types that are active in Union!

If you need to include many active passes, simply click on all the appropriate pass types. 


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