101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Now that you've integrated with you have a lot of power in your hands. From weekly newsletters to drip campaigns that start without you having to do anything. But to use this power, you'll need to understand all the amazing tools that are inside of and how to implement them. You should have received some onboarding emails to help get you started but those same tutorials are listed here. Get started reaching your customers and growing your Organization with 

A full breakdown of in under 20 minutes!

Steps for Success

Step 1: Setup your DNS Records
Step 2: All About Segments
Step 3: Learn about Campaign Goals
Step 4: Building a Campaign
Step 5: Building a Broadcast (One-Time Email)
Step 6: Add a newsletter sign-up option on your website

Tips, Tricks, and More

Copy a Broadcast

This is one of our favorite tools in! If you have an email template you'd like to add to a campaign or perhaps you have a similar workflow you'd like to mimic. Simply use Copy to Workflow to save yourself some time!

Adding a Marketing CSV File

By default, any client that is added to your Union organization will automatically be synced to your account. If you were using a previous marketing provider (i.e. Mailchimp) and would like to add this to your list, it is highly recommended that you upload the list into Union first.

Understanding Metrics in

Learn how to review your campaigns and broadcasts in with Analysis. By seeing the metrics of your campaigns and broadcasts you can decide what is working and what's not and come up with solutions to test to increase the performance of your emails. 

SMS Integration

To enable SMS messaging in you'll need to create a Twilio account and integrate it with See this helpdesk guide to get set up. Once Twilio is linked to your account you can begin sending SMS messages as a part of your marketing strategy.

Access to our Tutorial Library

We haven't even begun to crack the surface! Let your creativity flow and know you can visit our video library for anything Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us an email at and we'll always be happy to help!

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