Create a Segment for Canceled Subscriptions in

Track customers who have canceled their subscriptions and re-market to them by creating one of these two types of segments.

All Canceled Subscriptions Segment

In this segment, you’ll create an audience of anyone who has ever canceled their subscription. This IS NOT specific to a subscription type.

Start by creating a new segment in the segments section of and naming it Canceled Subscription. This will be a Data-driven Segment.

Under Add condition or group choose Event. Events are any action that a customer takes on their account like canceling a subscription. From there you’ll select subscription_canceled under the event_name.

Once saved, this will collect everyone who has ever canceled their subscription with you. After you save your changes you’ll see a box on the right-hand side labeled People. This will give you a count of the number of people in this segment.

Specific Subscription Canceled

If you’re wanting to create a segment for the cancelation of a specific subscription you’ll repeat the steps above but before saving you’ll click refine on the right-hand side of your event.

Select Add event data filter

Choose name under event_attribute_name and then select the name of the subscription you’d like in this segment under value. If the name doesn’t auto-populate here you can copy and paste the name exactly from Union. *The name must be an exact match to Union in order for the data to populate.

Once you’ve added your specific subscription, click save and you’re done.

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