Pass Expiration Segment

If you're looking to target students who has a pass that is about to expire, you will want to use a timestamp condition when building your segment. Union has created a custom profile attribute for you to use with the timestamp rules. The attribute you can find in your segment builder today is next_pass_valid_ends_at.

If you're unable to locate it today, you may need to manually type it in (or copy format above) for the first use. Once added, you will be able to locate it in your drop-down or by doing a quick search.

An example for why this may be of value for is, you have a New Student Special Campaign and you're looking to send an email to clients 7 days before the pass is about to expire to start letting them know about your membership options. You could create a segment that can be added in your campaign as a delay.

Because we're wanting to capture a group of people who's passes are expiring in 7 days from today, we'll need to be sure we're choosing the rule, is a timestamp after a relative date of 0 days from now. We'll then want to add the rule is a timestamp before a relative date of 7 days from now.

This segment alone is capturing ANY pass in Union who's pass is going to expire in 7 days due to it being an Attribute in However, when applied as segment in a specific campaign (i.e. wait until delay), it will only apply to the people in the campaign.

To apply the segment in your campaign, add your delay and click to edit. Click Conditions > Segment.

Then, start typing your segment name to select.

Click Add and then Save.

When you hover over your Wait Condition, you should see your segment applied. As a reminder, this will only apply for people who are in the campaign.

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