Build a Segment for a Specific Class in

Another type of segment you might want to create is based on a specific performance (or class).

Like the other segments we’ve walked through, this will also be an event. But in the second field, you’ll choose registration_redeemed. You then have the option to choose the number of times a customer has completed this action. For the case of a specific class, you’ll want to keep it as “at least 1 time ever”.

You’ll need to choose the specific performance you want to go with this segment so add event data filer and choose video_id. This will make it possible to choose the exact class you want to reach and not event categories.

To locate the performance ID, click the drop-down arrow button next to view and click public page URL.

To find the specific performance Id of your event you’ll need to go to the public page URL of that event and take the end of the URL after the last forward slash.

In the example below the Id would be “x9tkrdr7”

You can copy and paste the Id into the id value field and click “Save Changes”

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