Payroll Settings

Your Union Payroll Settings can be updated when visiting Settings > Payroll. If you need to make any changes, click Edit. This article reviews the options that can be adjusted for you and your business.

Learn about some payroll settings by visiting our video tutorial.

Payout & Report Revenue on Registrations

If your team pays staff out based on registration values (i.e. percentage of revenue per performance), you may consider updating this setting. By default, your payroll settings will be set to Redeemed Only. You have the following options for payouts and reporting revenue on registrations:

  • Redeemed Only: This will only report on registrations that are marked as redeemed. A redeemed registration in Union is typically identified as a student who was checked-in for class. A student can check-in to class by a staff member at the studio, self-service check-in, or clicking "join" against a virtual registration.
  • Issued & Redeemed: This will report on any registration state. In Union, Issued means a student registered for a class. As mentioned above, a registration becomes Redeemed when they are marked as Checked In for a class.

Depending on how your registration settings are set, this may adjust the viewing for your org's registration reporting. When performances are based off of redeemed only registration values, your reporting will show Redeemed only registration values.

If your settings are set to Issued & Redeemed, your performance reporting should show both both registration states, as pictured below.

Payees can view Payouts for Paid Payroll Reports

When you mark a payroll report as Paid (image below), this verifies there will be no future changes made to the teacher's payout. Once a report is marked as Paid, you have the option to allow your teachers to see the breakdown for their payouts. To learn more about what each teacher will see if this is enabled, check out our support article here!

Payroll Reports can be run before all Replay data collected for Period

When running a payroll, you may receive an error that will prevent you to run your report.

When a replay is viewed, it can take up to 48 hours to complete the calculation. To ensure your teachers are compensated correctly, Union adds a safety measure that will prevent you from running a payroll report until after the replay calculations have been completed.

While Union highly recommends keeping this feature enabled, you may be a studio who does not payout on replays or does not offer replays. If you would like to run a payroll report BEFORE all replay data has been collected, check the box Payroll Reports can be run before all Replay data collected for period.

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