Run a Payroll Report

Visit Reports > Payroll > Reports

Select New Payroll Report. *If you would like to payout on redeemed only (those who were marked as "checked in" or clicked "Join" against their registration); click to Edit this. By default, Union pays out on both issued and redeemed.

Enter your payroll period range by clicking on the date selectors and click Generate

The payout total for your new payroll report is displayed. Click Detail to see each teacher included.

Now you can see each teachers payout for the date range selected. Click Detail to see more details about the teachers payout. 

Here's the overview for Harley for payroll period, Nov. 1, 2021- Nov. 30, 2021. You can print the details for your records or provide the doc to your teachers! If we want to see how the total payout was calculated, click on the bolded numbers to expand on the details. You can also see from this report that Harley has her own set of payroll rules as she does not have Katy's Test Orgas the name for her classes rule.

When viewing any report, you will notice a green tab that shows the settled revenue. Click Detail against a specific performance you would like more insight on. 

Hover over the green pill to reveal more details. *This comes in handy for customers who hold a subscription as it will tell you the billing cycle and how many registrations were made with the subscription.

For any payroll report that you run, it is important to note the following features:

Delete: If you need to change the dates for your payroll report, please delete and create a new payroll report. We do not recommend deleting payroll reports that have been marked as paid.

Re-Calculate: If you adjust any payroll rules in order to edit your payroll report calculations, you will need to "Re-Calculate" the payroll report.

Mark as Paid: Once your payroll report looks good, and you've actually paid your teachers, be sure to mark your report as paid. This feature locks the payroll period in stone, disabling the ability to delete it, re-calculate it, and most importantly, never payout the settled registrations included in the report in another payroll period report.

Export Summary: A quick summary of your payroll (CSV file).

Export Detail: A detailed view of your payroll report (CSV file). Examples include, performance registration online payout and replay registrations. 

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