Allow Teachers to see their Payouts

When you mark a payroll report as Paid (image below), this verifies there will be no future changes made to the teacher's payout. Once a report is marked as Paid, you have the option to allow your teachers to see the breakdown for each payout. If you would like to allow your staff members to see their payout receipts, you must first enable this directly from your Union Settings > Payroll. By default, this setting is NOT enabled.

To learn more about all payroll settings, please visit our Payroll Settings support article.

Once enabled, staff members who hold a Union default role (admin or teacher) should obtain this feature. If you have any custom roles, please update these roles to include View My Payouts. When your teachers view their dashboard, they will now have a new drop down option below Reports > Payroll > My Payouts. 

Your teachers can now have a snapshot of all payouts.

When they click Detail against any pay period, they'll be able to see the specific's for what was accounted for that payout. The top half allows them to see a quick summary.

As they scroll down they have the ability to see the details that account for the totals above. When clicking on anything in bold, this will pull out deeper reporting (i.e. class registration list) for them to refer to.

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