Payroll Report Error Message

If you're attempting to run a payroll report and you're encounter an error, it's likely due to the software needing to finalizing any replay views for the payroll period you're looking to run.

When a replay is viewed, it can take up to 48 hours to complete the calculation. To ensure your teachers are compensated correctly, Union adds a safety measure that will prevent you from running a payroll report until after the replay calculations have been completed.

While Union highly recommends keeping this feature enabled, you may be a studio who does not payout on replays or does not offer replays. If you would like to run a payroll report BEFORE all replay data has been collected, visit your Payroll Settings and check the box Payroll Reports can be run before all Replay data collected for period.

By default, this setting is NOT checked. Click to learn about all Payroll Settings.

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