Performance Report

Union's performance report can provide you deep insight about your classes ( Reports > Events > All Performances). We've added filters so you can hone in on specific events, teachers, locations, and even specific registration types! As a friendly reminder, we have a date selector to help refine your data. Simply click the box to choose your custom date range and click Apply. Once you've added any filter, click View.

We've added a quick snapshot at the top for the date range of the report you just ran! 

Count Total performances (or classes)
Estimated Estimated gross revenue (including fees paid by customer). This value will fluctuate, typically due to customers subscriptions.
Settled Revenue from your passes, subscriptions, or tickets that have been stamped to a specific performance.
Total Gross Revenue

Below the summary, you'll see each performance itemized with a quick snapshot of the registration summary. 

Started The date and time of the performance
The name and location of the performance
Teacher Who led the performance
Drop-In Total count of drop-in passes used to register
Pack Total count of class packs used to register
Unlimited Total count of unlimited pass types used to register
Free Total count of $0 products used to register (exclude comps)
Total Total registrations for the performance
Estimated The estimated gross revenue (including fees paid by customer). This value will decrease due to customers subscriptions
Settled The settled revenue for this performance for the date range selected

If you're wanting to learn more about a specific performance, click Detail. 

When looking into a specific performance, Union snaps in details about what performance you're reviewing along with the total registrations, estimated revenue, and settled revenue. You can filter by registration types and download the CSV at the top!

When reviewing the registrations you'll be able to see things like when the customer registered, what type of registration the customer made, the performance name, and what the pass type was used to register. 

The report will also show you the registration state and you will see either Redeemed or Issued. Redeemed means they were checked in whether self check-in, a member from your team, or they clicked Join for a virtual class. Issued means they registered but were not checked in or clicked Join from their registrations. 

Next, you'll see a column named Estimated. This is the estimated gross revenue including fees paid by customer. This value will likely decrease. By mousing over the yellow tab, you can expand for details on the estimated rev. 

In the example below, we can see that as of May 31, $31.25 is be allocated to this performance. The customer has currently made 5 registrations in their billing cycle so far. The customer's billing cycle is 5/3/22-6/3/22. 

The settled registration amount is the gross revenue including fees paid by customer. In other words, the pass has been used (i.e. drop-in) or has expired. 

Pro-tip: If you ever need more details about how the pass or subscription has been used by your customer, click the pass name in bold. You'll then be able to see how the pass type has been used. 

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