Learn with Union: A Guide For Teachers

We've created a training video for your teachers (and admins) to view before you go live on Union! The video gives some common use cases that teachers may need to know and introduce the Union lingo. We know there's always questions that come up so don't hesitate to reach out to support@union.fit for any questions. Below, we've outlined the video that provide additional links to videos and support articles for deeper education! 

Teacher training agenda

  • Your Union public page
  • How to navigate Union with a teacher role 
  • How to start a livestream, external video call, or Union Video Call

Setup your Teacher Union Profile

Be sure to complete your setup tasks by creating your teacher profile. Friendly reminder; Twitter and Grams you can use your handle. Facebook, you will need to add your complete URL. Please visit Add a headshot & bio to your Union account article for detailed guidance.

Your Org's Public Page & The Customer Experience

The Union will help familiarize you with the Public page and what the customer will experience. If your customers have any questions on how to register for a class or access a replay, you can encourage them to use some of our helpdesk articles or reach out to support@union.fit. Please know, the support team may request assistance from your team. To learn more about what Union support can assist with, please visit Union Customer Support Scope.

Your Teacher Dashboard

Learn how to read your teacher dashboard. Your teacher dashboard will typically show your next three upcoming performances. It will contain important details like the performance name, date, time, and registration type. Just as a friendly reminder, most things that are bold in Union, you can click on! 

The Registration Page & Checking In Students

Learn how to access your registrations and how to quickly check students in. We also go over the cancelation options too! Be sure to visit our support video tutorial that showcases the self-service check-in option! 

Add Attendee (Register a Student)

We discuss how to quickly add attendees to a class using Union's Express Add Attendee Feature. This feature is best used for existing members who have an existing pass/subscription or have a credit card on file. In the teacher training video, we also show how to use the register if you have a new customer or need to attach a new payment option.

There's so much you can do with Union's register, whether applying a discount to a pass, adding a free trial period, or registering a customer for a series event! Learn more about Union's register by visiting our Payments & Register Video Collection!

Notify Your Students

Union offers a quick and easy way to send a quick message to all of your students! This awesome feature is called Notify Attendees

Edit a Performance

If you know what your class will be centered around before your class, you can edit the performance name and description to provide more context! 

Day of Livestream

Currently, Union offers three different ways to livestream your classes. The view from your dashboard in Union will be the same, but please select the appropriate article that matches your business' setup. 

We've also created a support article called Teacher Tips for Great Livestreams! This provides some helpful reminders and suggestions that we've gathered from other teachers on the platform!  

Access Your Replays

As a teacher, you should be able to edit your replays. Some common edits that are made are the name and description. This helps give more context to what the class is for customers!

Day of Video Call

If you are using an external video conferencing platform like Zoom, your admins will have already added a Zoom link for all of your appropriate schedules. Please visit Day of Video Call Article to see what this experience will be like!

Zoom Users Note: When you join your video call from Union, you will need to be sure you're signing in with the correct credentials to gain host privileges for Zoom. We have seen some teachers who sign in with their personal account and are unable to record the class or mute/unmute students. 

Upload a Replay to Your External Video Call

If you need to upload a replay for a class that was held on a video conferencing platform (i.e. Zoom), we'll show you how quick and easy this is!

Day of Union Video Call

Union's Video Call feature will allow 16 people to have video and audio during your class. On the setup page, you'll have the option to record the class. If a recording is desired, this will automatically create a replay for you so no uploading is needed! Please visit our support article and video tutorial to learn more about the features it has to offer!

How to Get Help

We all need a little help sometimes! Luckily, being available to assist teachers and studios is one of our top priorities here at Union. We recommend using key word searches in our Helpdesk docs. We have tons! While most of our video tutorials are always included in the related article, you can also go directly to the source!

It's easy to reach out to us–just click the support button against your user tool bar (white) or send an email to support@union.fit.You'll always get a member of our team, and we'll do everything we can to respond to you within 2 business hours. For us, business hours means:

Mon: 9am - 6pm ET

Tues-Fri: 9am - 1pm ET & 2pm - 6pm ET 

Sat/Sun: 10am - 3pm ET

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