Union Video Call: The Complete Guide

Union's internal video conferencing feature is currently in beta. If you would like to see the full comparison between Union Video Call, Zoom, and Google Meet, please visit our support article Union Video Call Comparison

Union Approved Gear

Before we built livestreaming at Union, we surveyed thousands of yoga students and found that audio quality was the most important thing to them–we didn't believe it at first, but when we thought about it, it makes complete sense. If you're practicing, you use your eyes some of the time but your ears all of the time. With millions on millions of minutes streamed since launch, we have heard that reaffirmed through post-class surveys and tickets we receive from end users. 

Please see our Gear Recommendation for Union Video Call to choose the best products for you and your business. 

Setup your Gear & Run a Livestream 

Once you have all of your gear, let's put it all together! We advise that when running any test, you should be in your studio space, or where you'll be hosting your classes. This will provide you with more confidence that your stream quality is setup for success. 

Step 1. Setup your Camera

If you're using a HD Web camera, please connect this to the device where you will be hosting your class from (i.e. laptop or desktop). If you do not have the correct ports readily available on your device, please connect you hub. 

If you're using your device camera, no setup is required. Please visit Step 2. 

Step 2. Setup your Audio

Bluetooth Earbuds:

If you're using bluetooth ear buds, simply pop them in your ears. 

Wireless Mic:

If you will be using a wireless mic (i.e. Rode Wireless Go II), please visit Setup your Rode Wireless Go II for Union Video Call

Step 3. Test your Video Call 

Now that you have your camera and audio connected, we want to ensure a successful streaming experience for you, your teachers, and your students! It's highly recommend that you run at least one test before your first class. You will first begin by Creating a Union Video Call Test Event. Once you have created your event, it's time to run your Union Video Call Test. When you've run your test, learn how you can View your Union Call Replay!

Day of your Union Video Call

The Union team have complied our notes and feedback to help you and your team prepare for your Union Video Call classes. These helpful practices include, checking your mic/video feed or recognizing potential streaming challenges. While we know everyone has their own way to check their gear and prepare for class, here are some suggestions to get you started and guide you towards your Day of Union Video Call experience! 

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