Union Video Call: Create a Test Event

Union Video Call is tied to a teachers performance, so in order to activate the feature, there must be an upcoming performance tied to you (or your teacher). If you have Union's default Teacher Role, please reach out to your admin team so they can create your test event. 

To run a Union Video Call test, you'll create a new event and make the event Private. Here is the best way to create this! 

Products > Events > New Event

Deselect Public to hide this event(toggle is not blue). Then add a name like "Union Video Call Test". *Note: you must have a description in order to save the event, simply just copy and paste your event name.  

Create a one time schedule for you or your teacher who will be running the test. *Pro-tip, you can continue to use this event if additional teachers need a test stream. Simply create their schedules with a one time occurring schedule! 

You can either choose any event category or create a $0 ticket (option pictured below). Then Create Event. *Since no one will be viewing your livestream, the pricing/passes are irrelevant. In order to successfully save an event in Union, there must be at least one pricing option. 

Learn how to run your Union Video Call Test Stream

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