Testing Union Video Call

Now that you have your gear setup and a Union Video Call test event created, let's run do a test class! While not required, here are some things that could be helpful for your test.

  1. Grab a teacher or a friend! You can quickly register your friend to jump in so you can get a feel for what it will be like when your students are in the class.
  2. Teach a short class
  3. Test and play around with the Union Video Call settings!

While we recommend at least a 5 minute recording for a test, please be sure it is at least 2 mins of recorded time.

1. Set your Space and Setup your Gear

Grab your gear and make sure this is all setup for your class. Connect your audio to your device like your bluetooth earbuds or wireless mic. 

2. Start Your Video Call Test

Go to Chrome and sign-in to you Union account. You should see your scheduled test class in your Upcoming Sessions. Click View Video Call.

15 Mins before your class is set to begin, you should see the Check-In Button change to View Video Call.

We cannot stress this enough, but you (and your students) must click  Allow permissions to use your microphone and camera. You will not be able to start your class if these have not been accepted.

Once you accept, you'll then be presented with the video call setup page! Consider this your green room where you can use the video view to ensure your space is in view for your customers. Here's where you can set your Camera, Microphone, Speaker, and Class Recording.

Setting Preferences
Camera: Your device should automatically detect the devices, but if you do need to change, click the down down.

Mic & Speaker: Like your camera, your mic and speaker should be detected automatically. If you make adjustments to your microphone, you may be prompted with the option change your speaker at the same time.

Start Recording after Join: This is set to record when the teacher clicks Join Video Call. If you would not like to record immediately or choose when the recording will begin, uncheck the box.

Click Join Video Call once you're ready to start the class!

Choosing your camera, speaker, and microphone settings is only support when using Chrome as your browser.

If you wish to record your class, you can leave the checkbox marked here or press the "Record" button during the call. Only the recorded content will be saved for your replay.

Step 3: Testing Video Call Features

For a detailed version of all the Video Call feature, please visit our support article.

Features Icons
Recording Badge: Is displayed in the upper left corner when you're class is being recorded

Start/Stop Recording: You can start or stop recording at any time by clicking the recording button on your video call nav bar

Microphone/Camera: Click the icons to mute or hide yourself. To change the sources, click the up arrows.

Presenter Mode: Will display the teacher's camera only and will mute students

Screenshare: If you need to share a window, tab, or something outside of a browser. Please visit suggestions on sharing your whole screen.

Conversation Mode: This puts your class back into gallery view and your students can use their microphone to communicate. 

Chat: When you click the message icon, this will instantly open the chat (as it would for a livestream).

Leave or End Call: Leaving allows you and other students to return to the class. Ending the call will not let anyone

Video Allotted End Time

You can keep your class active 30 mins past the scheduled end time. You will see a banner across the top of your video to notify how much time you have remaining.

After 30 mins, you will be presented with this notification:

Next: Accessing your Replay and Reviewing your Test Class

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