Inside Union Video Call

Union Video Call was designed with studios in focus, integrating essential features accessible with a single click. Discover the full range of functionalities, including various tools and options tailored for both you and your instructors, while using Union Video Call!

We cannot stress this enough, but you (and your students) must click  Allow permissions to use your microphone and camera. You will not be able to start your class if these have not been accepted.

Once you've clicked View Video Call, you'll be able to enter into your class! Below your video, we've added quick task buttons for you to use during you call.

Recording Settings

Feature Details Icons
Recording Badge: Is displayed in the upper left corner when you're class is being recorded

Start Recording: You can start recording at any time by clicking the recording button on your video call nav bar

Stop Recording: Click the Recording Stop icon to stop your recording (this can be done at any time and does NOT end your class)

If you wish to record your class, you can leave the checkbox marked before you start the class or press the "Record" button during the call. Only the recorded content will be saved for your replay.

Microphone & Camera Settings

Feature Details Icons
Microphone: Click to mute or change the mic and/or speaker that's being used.

Camera: Click to hide yourself or change the camera being used

Class/Video Modes

Icons Definitions

Presenter Mode can be used when your class is ready to begin and you'd like your students to see the teacher's camera only. This will mute all participants including new students that join. Teachers will not be able to view their students videos.

Screenshare: If you need to share a window, tab, or something outside of a browser. Similar to other video conferencing platforms, you will need to click on the specific content and then select Share. Please visit suggestions on sharing your whole screen.

Conversation Mode: This puts your class back into gallery view and your students can use their microphone to communicate. 

Currently, screen share is only available for those who are using Chrome as their browser.

Client Engagement: Chat & Participant Settings

Union Video call offers you to see and speak with your virtual students but we have found that students still appreciate the chat feature too!

Icons Definitions

Click to open and close the chat panel

When the chatbox is opened, you can click this icon to close the chat panel

This will show you the participant count. Click to see the complete list and more features!

The Participant view will show you everyone in the class with you. The person leading the class will be able to click the three dots next to any attendee to:

Mute/Unmute the Attendee: A manual option for the

Spotlight the Attendee: Moments you may need or want to have a single student be the view everyone sees!

Kick Out the Attendee: If there is a disturbance happening and you need to manually remove the client

Leave or Ending a Class

When you've completed your class (or need to leave), you will want to click

You will be presented with the option to Leave or End for All. Leaving will allow the participants to have access to the space. Ending for all will end the class in its entirety.

Video Allotted End Time

You can keep your class active 30 mins past the scheduled end time. You will see a banner across the top of your video to notify how much time you have remaining.

After 30 mins, you will be presented with this notification:

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