Inside Union Video Call

Below your video, we've added quick task buttons to control your audio, camera, ability to Screen Share, Chat, and end video call. Here you can also keep an eye on your internet connection and confirm what camera and audio devices are being used. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read Day of Union Video Call (or Union Video Call Test) for details on starting your Union Video Call. You MUST use the Green Room or Setup Page BEFORE starting your call. 

Microphone Settings

Click the microphone to quickly mute and unmute yourself! If you'd like to check what audio source you're using click the up arrow. You can choose different Microphone and Speaker settings. If you are not using an alternative microphone/speaker (i.e. wireless mic or AirPods), please select Internal Microphone (Built-in). 

Camera Settings

To quickly turn your camera on and off, simply click the camera icon. If you need to check that you're using your HD web camera (i.e. Brio), please click the up arrow against the camera icon. 

Presenter Mode (Single Person Icon)

Presenter mode can be used when your class is ready to begin and you'd like your students to see the teacher's camera only. This will mute all participants including new students that join. The teacher can still see the whole class, but the students only see the teacher! 

What the teacher sees in Presenter Mode

What the Student Sees in Presenter Mode

Screen Share Settings

Currently, screen share is only available for those who are using Chrome as their browser. While we're still working on improving this with Safari, please refrain from sharing your entire window as you could encounter the infinity view (pictured below). To avoid this, you will want to choose what contents you'd like share whether a specific window or tab. Like other video conferencing platforms, you will need to click on the specific content and then select Share. For more details for best practices for screen sharing, please visit our article for Sharing your Screen with Union's Video Call Feature.

Conversation Mode (Multiple Person Icon)

This puts your class back into gallery view and your students can use their microphone to communicate. 

Chat and Attendee Features

When you click the message icon, this will instantly open the chat (as it would for a livestream). As your students enter, you'll see the participants number rise. Click on the person icon to check out more settings!

Spotlight Feature

An admin with your org or the teacher who is "leading the class" will have the option to Spotlight themselves or other students! So if you have a model or need to check in on specific student, you can spotlight their account to bring them front and center! As a reminder, if you need to revert to the gallery view, you will need to Unspotlight yourself or the student or just quickly click Conversation Mode on the main menu bar. 

Participant Controls

The teacher leading the class has the opportunity to Mute/Unmute specific students, spotlight them (as mentioned above) or to remove them from the class. Simply click the three dots to show the options! 

At the bottom, you can quickly choose to Mute All or Unmute All

Leave/End Call

Once your class has completed, click the Red Phone icon to  End the Call. You will be prompt to Leave or End For All. *Reminder: Ending the video call will stop recording your class.

If there are other members in the call, you can choose LEAVE in cases where you will need to re-join the class. Because there are members in the call, your class should still remain active and the recording will continue.

Choose End For All if the class is truly over. 

If you click End For All you will not have a Re-Join Video Call button. Instead, when you click Join Video Call you will see Waiting for the Call to Start... (I'm sorry to say, but the call will not restart). 

Duration Warning

Currently, you can go over 30 mins past your scheduled class before the call will automatically end. Union gives you a warning at the 25 minute mark.

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