Union Video Call: Viewing your Replay

Once your Union Video Call has ended, you'll be able to locate your video call replays by visiting Products > Replays. You will be able to locate your replay in your Unpublished (or Pending) folder.

Teachers: it will be Products > My Replays. You will be able to edit your replay but you may need to notify an admin from your team to publish your replay. 

If you need to make any edits or changes to the name or description, click the drop down arrow to Publish and choose Edit

Once your edits have been applied, click Update. When you're ready, you can click Publish and it will be available for your customers at that time.

The day of your Union Video Call, it will feel very similar to your test stream. The only difference is, you'll have customers joining you! We recommend flagging the article Day of Union Video Call before your first class as a reminder. For any questions, please reach out to support@union.fit. 

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