Day of Union Video Call

Here is a helpful checklist to ensure you're prepared for your Union Video Call! We've also included tips, tricks, and reminders while using Union Video Call! For any questions, please reach out to 

1. Set your Space and Setup your Gear

Grab your gear and make sure this is all setup for your class. Connect your audio to your device like your bluetooth earbuds or wireless mic. 

2. Start Your Class

Go to Chrome and sign-in to you Union account. You should see your scheduled class in your Upcoming Sessions. Click View Video Call.

15 Mins before your class is set to begin, you should see the Check-In Button change to View Video Call. Click View Video Call. 

We cannot stress this enough, but you (and your students) must click  Allow permissions to use your microphone and camera. You will not be able to start your class if these have not been accepted.

Once you accept, you'll then be presented with the video call setup page! Here's where you can verify you're connected to the correct gear and ensure you're video view looks correct! Please visit Inside Union Video Call to learn about all the bells and whistles!

Reminder that if you are wanting to record your class, you will click the Record button when you're in the call. Only the recorded content will be created for your replay!

3. End your Class

Once your class has ended, click the red phone icon to End Video Call.

You will see a pop-up that will ask whether you would like to Leave the call or End For All. Leaving will allow the participants to have access to the space. Ending for all will end the class in its entirety.

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