Union Video Call: Gear Recommendation

Union's confident on how easy it is for you to use our in-house video platform, Union Video Call. While this feature is still in beta, we've begun to gather some gear recommendations for high quality resolution that highlight the teacher. In this article we've listed our suggestions for gear and provide articles that will walk you through the steps to get your Union Video Calls up and running. 

*NOTE: It is recommended that you use a laptop for teaching over an iPad or iPhone. Please resist using an iPad as we have found some challenges with connecting to audio. We will continue to research and develop to make this more accessible. 

For Your Video

While it's tempting to use your device camera, we recommend purchasing a high quality web camera. 

  • Any 1080p or 4k webcam that you can plug into your laptop, like the Logitech Brio.
  • If you have an iPhone 11 or higher AND a macOS laptop that is on Ventura, you can utilize your iPhone!

For Your Voice

Bluetooth Option

Use high quality Bluetooth earbuds so your voice sounds close and warm. They're battery powered and snuggle right in your ears, so you have full range of motion.

Affordable Options

For macOS

Additional Recommendations:

Wireless Mic Option

If you would prefer the use of a wireless mic option, we have found that the Rode Wireless Go II provide excellent audio. The Wireless Go II comes with one receiver and two transmitters (microphones). Typically the Wireless Go II comes with 3 USB-C to USB cables and 1 SC5 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable. 

Additional Accessories (optional)

Adapters & Charging

Please check your laptops to make sure you have enough ports depending on the gear you are choosing to use. For example, if you're using the Brio and the Rode, you will need at least two USB-A ports and potentially a charging port. If you need more ports, you can purchase a hub! Here are some suggestions: 

  • USB C Hub w/ ethernet hub @ $60 or USB C Hub @ $34 *if you are using a Mac Mini or an iMac, these hubs may not be required. Please confirm your setup with your onboarding team or reach out to support@union.fit. 
  • If you only need one USB C adapter, check out this duo pack from Anker.

Hosting your Class

As mentioned above, we do recommend hosting your classes from a device like a laptop or desktop. This way you're video is in a horizontal view. At this time, any laptop or desktop should be approved, however, it is recommended that you host your classes on Google Chrome. This way, you have access to the full features of Union Video Call (i.e. choosing a camera and mic). Please be sure that you continue to have the latest version of Chrome installed. 

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