Add a Profile in OBS

Union highly recommends that if you are streaming in different spaces or rooms, that there is a dedicated device per room. For example, let's say you have a location that has (2) different rooms. Each room would have the complete OBS setup. This keeps your streaming setup locked to each room which will allow a smooth and seamless streaming management system for you and your team.

Written Outline

Visual Support

In OBS, click Profile > New

Add the name of your space for your new profile

You may be prompted to specify what you're wanting to use OBS for (primary). Please select Optimize for stream, recording is secondary.

*Recording in OBS means recording to your local device. If you stream, you'll be recording by default in Union.

OBS will require your stream details. Choose Custom

You'll be required to add the Server & Stream Key for your new space. This can be copied in Union (Products > Location > Click on Space Name).

Paste your key in to OBS with the appropriate credentials

OBS may request access to preform a bandwidth test. Union strongly recommends preforming the test.

The results from OBS will suggest the best video settings for your streaming setup. This helps ensure your streaming goes smoothly.

If you click Apply, OBS will update this for you automatically.

You can manually configure in your settings at any time.

You should now be in your new OBS Profile. Click Settings to check your stream key (optional) and we recommend running a test stream.

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