How to Create an Appointment

Union empowers you to craft personalized appointments that align with your schedule and your teachers' availability. This feature provides a flexible solution to accommodate unique booking needs. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to seamlessly create and manage appointments with Union. Let's get started!

Key Features Overview:

  • Customers can book appointments.
  • Admins, teachers, and front desk staff can book appointments for students from the register.
  • Syncing with calendar apps for availability tracking is supported.
  • Teachers receive email notifications when an appointment is booked.
  • Manual, one-off appointments can be scheduled.

Creating an Appointment Type Visual Support
If the physical location of your appointments is different than the one(s) you currently have listed, please create a New Location

Navigate to Products > Appointments > New Appointment

Set the Appointment Visibility

Public: Allows students to find and book appointments

Private: Requires sending the student a direct link to book

Provide essential information about your appointment type:

  • Appointment Type Name
  • Description
  • Photo

Begin to add your availability

  • Select a teacher (or create a new account)
  • Set a capacity for how many people can book per session (i.e. a yoga private appt. is typically (1) person cap).
  • Set the physical location and space for where the appt. will be held.
  • Set the registration types

When can someone start booking this appointment type?

  • If you're wanting people to book with you ASAP, no need to edit the start date/time.
  • Add the time for when the appointment availability starts
  • Include the time for when the availability ends.

Set the duration for each appointment.

You can optionally, add a buffer. This will set a period of time scheduled before or after an appointment to provide flexibility and accommodate any potential delays, overrun of prior appointments, or to allow for preparation or rest.

Bookings Open allows you to set structure the time slots.

By Duration: the length of each appointment based on your service duration.

Every 15 Minutes: bookings can start every 15 minutes

Choose how often the appointment should occur. Options include:

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

*If this avail has an end date, please check the box "Until" to choose when the availability should no longer be presented for bookings.

If you require a lead time for when a customer can self-book an appointment, you can add a booking limit.

The duration added here is ONLY for consumers, meaning admins can still book walk-ins or make exceptions on the fly.

If you need to add more availability for this appointment type, click Add Availability.


  • Same appointment type, but different available booking times/days of the week.
  • Same appointment type, but different location/space.

Learn How to Book Appointments in the Register HERE and check out the Customer Experience Video.

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