Add Your Team!

Adding members who require a role higher than an attendee, can be done by sending an email invitation or creating an account on their behalf.

If you need to create a new member (new customer/client), this can be done quickly in the register! Please visit Add a New Member to your Org.

Create an Account on Behalf of

If you're a new org, we've seen most studios add their teachers and staff by Creating an Account on Behalf Of. This will immediately create a Union account that's assigned to your org which will come in handy when you start building the schedules.

When creating the account, you will have the option to send the invitation now, or at a later time. Once events have been added, this is typically when studio owners send the invitations out to their staff members so they can create a password and view their schedule.

To get started, follow these steps!

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

  1. Go to People > All People > Add Person

  1. Click Create Account on Behalf Of

  1. Add the details for the new account (phone number is not required). By default, the role will be set to Attendee. Click the box to choose the desired role they should have within your org. Next, you can choose to send them an invitation now or later. The invitation will give them a link to create a password. Once you're done, click Create Account.

Note: individuals only ever need one Union account. You can be an attendee, teacher, or even admin for many different organizations from the same account. No more confusion around usernames, passwords, and login screens.

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