How to invite a user

Why is this important? Union allows you to invite your colleagues to use the software alongside you. You can control their access by assigning them one of the following roles: attendee, front desk, teacher, or admin.

How do I invite a user? From your admin dashboard, select People > All People. Then click or tap the button labeled Add Person. You can then add your users email address, select the permission and send their invite! Also check out our video tutorial on how to invite a user

In order to assign someone as the teacher for a class or event, they must accept their invite from you with the permission level teacher or admin.

What does this affect? When you invite a teacher, they will receive an email that prompts them to create a new Union account OR connect an existing Union account.

Once they log in, they will be able to navigate and interact with your Union site based on the permissions/role you have assigned to them.

If you would like to bypass waiting for each teacher to accept their invite, you can create an account on behalf of. This will allow you to start building your events and schedules straight away. 

Note: individuals only ever need one Union account. You can be an attendee, teacher, or even admin for many different organizations from the same account. No more confusion around usernames, passwords, and login screens.

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