Send Unsent Invites

If you've added customers to your org by Creating an Account on Behalf of or if you had a migration to Union, you can send all of your unsent invites quickly!

The invitation tool enables you to quickly invite admins, teachers, front desk, and attendees to create their Union account. When you invite a user, like your teachers or students, they will be sent an email that prompts them to create a new Union account OR connect an existing account.

When an email invitation is sent, the recipient will need to accept the invitation. Once they have accepted the invitation and created their Union account, the new account will be associated with your org on Union.

To get started, follow these steps!

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

  1. Go to People > Invitations.

  1. Click Unsent. You should see a list of all members who have not received an invitation. Then click Send Unsent Invites.

Here is an example invitation email your students or staff will receive:

If you would like to add any additional text to your invitation email, please visit your Union Settings > Email. To see where your additional text will be added, Automative Email Previews: Invitations will be a helpful guide!

For more information about Email settings, visit Customize your Email Settings or see our video tutorial!

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