Working with Roles

How Roles work

Many people have different kinds of relationships with different organizations they interact with. For example, you probably interact with one or more organizations as an employee, and several others as a customer. For more details about Union's Roles, please visit our video tutorial here.

Union is designed to reflect this. Union users can interact with multiple organizations using the same account with the same login information, and have a different Role–or set of permissions–for each.

In other words, you can have administrative privileges at one yoga studio, teach classes at a gym, and be a customer at the CrossFit box near your home–all from the same account.

In addition, Roles are tiered within each organization–meaning Staff can do everything Customers can do plus more, Teachers can do everything Staff can do plus more, and Admins can do everything Teachers can do plus more.

Default Roles

To view the list of permissions assigned to each Role in your organization, log into Union as an administrator and follow the pathway People > Roles.

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