Appointments (Beta)

Union now allows you to create recurring appointments! This feature is currently in beta but please reach out to if you are interested in having the feature apart of your org.

Customers can book? Yes
Admins/Teachers/Front Desk can book appointments in the register? Yes
Sync with a calendar app (i.e. for availability)? No

Create an Appointment

While not necessary, you can create a new location for your appointment. Just be sure to have the space be streamable and visible. Before you create your appointment(s) you may require adding a new event category or payroll rule. However, these can be added on after the appointment has been created.

To create an appointment,  visit Products > Appointments > New Appointment

Like an event build in Union, add in the details about your appointment like the name, description and photo. You can also have an appointment be available for the public or hidden.

Next, you'll want to add your appointments availability! Similarly to building an event, you can choose a specific teacher, add a capacity, choose the appropriate location and space, and select the registration types. Then, add the start date and time for when the appointment will begin. You can then add the availability for this schedule. Tell your customers how long the appointment is. You can also include a buffer so a schedule can't be booked directly after one another. 

Next, decide how often this scheduled appointment should occur. If you need to add an additional schedule, simply click Add Availability.  Like an event, an appointment can hold many availabilities per appointment! 

Then choose the appropriate event category. If you require a cap for your virtual appointments, please be sure to select Enforce Online Capacity Limit. If you're using Union's payroll feature, please be sure to update your payroll category so the correct rule will be applied. Then Create your appointment!

Booking Appointments with the Register

Now, in the register, you'll have an appointments tab! Click Appts whenever your customers need to book! Then click the appointment type.

You'll then be presented with a calendar. Click on the day to see the availability. 

When you select the time slot your customer would like to book, it will get pushed to your cart. 

You'll then be able to add a new pass by clicking Passes or Choose Existing Pass. Then choose to add a note and if you would like to send a confirmation email! 

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