Delete Accounts in Union

If you have a customer who has two different accounts in your org, here's how you can help! 

Ensure the appropriate passes have been added to the account that should remain active.

If you need to add a subscription to the account, please attach it as a Free Trial Until. This will ensure they're not charged today and can maintain the same billing period.  

Cancel ALL active subscriptions or passes in the account that the customer does not wish to use. 

If your customer would like to delete the non active account, they can do this while signed in. Please feel free to provide them with this support article, Deleting your Union account

If you would like assistance, please reach out to the with the account name, the email the client would like to keep and the email(s) that need to be deleted. Here's an example:

Client Name: Katy

Keep Email:

Delete Email: noreply+katys@unionfit

Please note that if a client is associated to many organizations in Union, only the customer can delete the account.

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