How to Copy Emails to a Campaign in

When it comes to creating a powerful email strategy, you need to make a lot of different email campaigns. We suggest having a campaign for any way a student can come into your business. That means having a campaign for every pass, subscription, payment plan, and ticket you offer.

Yeah, that’s a lot of campaigns.

The good news is, you don’t need 100% original content for each campaign. Instead, you can copy full campaigns or elements of a previously built campaign into a new one and make small tweaks that speak to the audience who will be seeing this funnel.

To do this, start by logging into and starting a new campaign. You’ll choose a condition that will trigger this campaign by selecting a prebuilt segment. This is the audience that will receive this campaign (i.e. a specific pass, subscription, payment plan, or ticket)

You’ll start your workflow which is where you’ll be copying elements from previous campaigns. To copy elements from a previous campaign (Not a broadcast) click on Copy From… in your lefthand toolbar.

A pop-up window will appear which will allow you to select from previous campaigns you’d like to copy from. Find the desired previous campaign and select it.

From here you can select the entire workflow or the specific elements you want to copy into this campaign. Once you’ve made your selection click Continue to Place Items which will duplicate these elements into your new campaign.

Once you’ve hit continue you’ll need to choose where in your campaign you’d like them placed. Just select one of the purple plus marks on the page and your selection will be placed there.

Now all your elements will be in your workflow. Click on the elements and update your emails so the copy aligns with the segment and that the delay options all align with the timeframe that works for this audience.

Copy Emails From A Broadcast

If you’re looking to copy emails from a broadcast into a campaign the process is simple.

Drag and drop the email element into your workflow and then edit the email.

Once you select Add Content, you’ll see a preview of all previous emails you’ve ever created. You can search for the specific email you’re looking for or browse through the pages. If you hover over the image preview you can choose the preview the full email or create the email to start editing.

To keep yourself organized, be sure to give unique names to your emails and not just the broadcast name. This will help you search for emails to use as templates a lot easier.

Now you can build your campaigns at a faster speed to ensure that all customers are being welcomed into your brand and know all the benefits of being a part of your family. These same rules apply for campaigns that go out to canceled subscriptions, or class pack expiration notices.

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