Setting Goals in

Goals not only help you get clear in but also allow you to track conversion and remove clients from a campaign who have made the purchase or action you intended them to take. Let’s break down the two different ways that you can use Goals in your marketing.

Goals in a Broadcast:

The first place you can create a goal is inside a broadcast (a 1x newsletter). Scroll to step three on the top menu once you’ve created a broadcast.

Here you can choose to Define goal or Skip goal. If you don’t have a purchase you want your customers to make OR you have more than 1 call to action, you might choose to skip creating a goal. However, if you have a clear action you want your customers to take, say becoming a subscriber, purchasing a training, or buying a drop-in you can define that here by clicking on Define goal.

Then you’ll need to choose the segment they’ll enter into in order to deem this as reaching the goal. If you want them to sign up for ANY subscription you can create a segment for All Active Subscribers. If instead, you want them to enter into a segment based on a specific pass or subscription, you can create a segment for that pass/subscription and select that here.

Then simply select Next and finish setting up your broadcast.

Goals in a Campaign:

All the steps above apply to campaigns too. You just have 1 extra step for your campaign.

Because campaigns are automated and more often than not used to up-sell your customers, you need to have a way for costumes to leave a campaign if they’ve reached the goal you’ve intended. For example, if you have a workflow of 5 emails pushing clients to become a subscriber, then once your customer converts, you don’t want them to receive any more emails about subscribing. If they continue to get emails asking them to purchase something they’ve already bought, it becomes a poor user experience.

To avoid this, you simply check the box that says they have already met the conversion goal criteria. This means that when they have reached the goal of this campaign, they will be removed so that they no longer receive any more emails from this workflow.

The only time in which you might not create a goal for a campaign is when you’ve set up a welcome series that highlights the benefits of what they’ve purchased and shows them around Union. These are value-driven campaigns and aren’t meant to sell anything, just educate and enhance the user experience.

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