Tips for Union Account

Here are a few things we recommend to utilize the Union Website:

  • Bookmark Union for your browser (i.e. Chrome or Safari)
  • If browser autofill is disabled, please sign-in using your Union email and password
  • Download our app in the Apple App store for your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

If you are using a browser (preferably Chrome or Safari), click My Account in the upper right hand corner or if you are using the app, tap Account at the bottom of the app to engage with your personal account 😊

  • My Profile: Click if you need to change or update your Union profile (i.e. email address)
  • Registrations: This will reveal all of your upcoming classes. Here is where you can easily click to join your livestream class & cancel future registrations if needed.
  • While on your registrations page, click the bolded word Past to locate your 24 hour Restream
  • Replay History: When you register to rent a replay from your studio's replay library, here is where you can access it for 48 hours.
  • Passes: Check to see how many redemptions you have remaining on your pass, the expiration date, or when your next billing attempt will be if your pass is set for auto-renew.
  • Downloads: If your studio has provided you with any PDF documents as apart of your registration, you will always have access to them here. 
  • Orders: Shows you to all paid orders that have occurred on the Union platform. Click on the order code (in bold) to see further details for each invoice.
  • Payment Card: Select to update your credit card on file
  • Password: Click to change your Union password

While signed-in to your Union account, you can easily access your studio's Union homepage by simply clicking Upcoming and then select All Organizations to select your desired organization. Once selected, use the navigation bar at the top to check out upcoming schedule and replays for organizations you've registered for.

When using the app,  Filter button to quickly toggle between your studios you are a member of. Or use the icons in the lower menu bar to access livestreams, replays, or your Union account.

If you have any trouble, click the Support link in the header and find resources like this one or get in touch with the support team.

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