Livestream Troubleshooting

If you were experiencing some challenges during your livestream, here are a few things we recommend trying to see if this can help.

  • If you class has ended, you should be able to go to your past registrations page and access the restream from there. The restream is good for 24 hours after the session ends.
  • Make sure your device has completed the most recent software updates.
  • Please try using a different browser when viewing the replay (i.e Safari or Chrome)
  • Would you be able to try a different device in your house? (i.e. phone or laptop) 
  • You can run a Speedtest at to see if your connection is optimal. 

Please know we are working hard to help increase presenter upload speeds and working with to fix all issues as they arise. 

In addition, have you tried any of your provider's on-demand options? If the livestreaming continues to give you issues, I recommend exploring our on-demand sessions as those should work since they are downloaded into Union and are not streaming live video. You can access your studios on-demand classes by click the Replays section on your provider's Union page.

If it does happen again, please reach out to or drop us chat! This helps us know what you’re seeing and experiencing.

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