Buy for a Friend in the Register

If you have a customer who is in your studio (or clients who call the studio directly) and would like to purchase an offering on behalf of another person, you and your team can support this directly in the register! Buying for a friend include options like:

  • Buying a new pass for a person
  • Buying a gift card for a person
  • Buying a new pass option and registering for a person

If you're looking to register someone for a class using the Purchasers existing pass, please visit our support article to learn more.

Visit the Register (upper right corner) and add the Purchaser details

Click on the type of offering the purchaser will be buying on behalf and add the items to the cart.

You will need to Remove the purchaser details in the Recipient member box

Then, begin to type the Recipient details. *If they do not have an account, click + Create Account for Hunter.

Next, choose the payment type and click Checkout.

When viewing an order for someone who made a purchase for a friend, the order will show the Purchaser and who it was Purchased For.

If your clients are wanting to purchase a pass for a friend (or multiple people), they can utilize Union's gift items at checkout.

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