Going to the Register from Express Add Attendee

The Express Add Attendee feature is for existing members and best used for those who have a credit card on file. If your customer is not yet a member with your org (use case described below) or does not have a credit card on file, you will need to choose Go to Register. 

Your member details are auto filled. Add in the remaining details to Create your new member

Your performance should have been added to your cart! Click to choose the appropriate registration type.

Select the pass to be used for registration. Scroll to search or type to search for a specific pass. Click the cart icon to add it to your car

Select the payment method and Checkout. Add an order note (optional) and choose to send an order confirmation email. Then click Checkout.

*If you are adding a card, you can choose to save it to your members account!

View order details by clicking the order number in bold

Click your member name in bold to jump to their member account. Click the pass name in bold to edit the customer's pass. Click the performance name in bold to go to the performance. 

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