Register for a Friend in the Register

If you have a customer who is in your studio (or clients who call the studio directly) and would like to register another person with their existing pass, you and your team can support this directly in the register!

Currently, registering a friend can only occur with a pass that has limited registrations (i.e. 10 Class Pack). Any pass that is marked as Unlimited Registrations will require a new purchase that can be done in the register!

Begin by visiting the register (or click Open in Register when using Add Attendee) and clicking on the member box to find the Purchaser account. Click the class that you'd like to Add to Cart.

Remove the purchaser details in the Recipient member box and add the Recipient details. *If they do not have an account, click + Create Account.

If the Purchaser has an active pass on their account, the Existing Pass should be available for you to use. Then, click Checkout.

The order now shows who the purchaser was (Customer) and who it was Purchased For. When looking at the registration, you can see what pass was used to register.

If your students were looking to book for the same class, your check-in page should hold both students in the roster.

View Transfer a Registration if you need to make edits to a customer's registration.

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