Revenue by Location

Your revenue by location report ( Reports > Sales > Revenue by Location) can give you a great overview about where your sales are coming in and how the revenue is being distributed per your locations and registration type. 

First, begin by adjusting the dates for your report and choose.


Sales are attributed to a specific physical location when an order is processed by using Union's register feature. In the register, you can choose which location the order needs to be assigned to. *It should remember the last location you chose in the register and when using Union's Express Add Attendee

Online sales are all orders that happened through a web browser or the mobile app (for in person pass types only). 

Now, let's take a look at the top or the report and begin with where your orders are being created. In the example below, we're working with three different locations, Atelier North, Atelier South, and Online. For each location, you can see a graph and a line breakdown for each location. 

When looking at the Revenue by Location Sales Report, you can hover over the bar graph to quickly see the dollar amount. In the example below, during the week of 5/1/22, the online location made $914.00 and Atelier South made $499.00. 

The line items will show you a snap shot for how many orders and refunds have been attributed to each. We also show you the total gross for your orders and refunds. Click Orders to view all attributing orders in this report. 

Registration Revenue

Great, so, we have the revenue for each location, now let's look at how the revenue is being distributed against each location. Meaning, someone can purchase an All Access Subscription online, but how is the revenue being distributed against all of your locations and registration types?

Like our sales graph, if you hover over each bar, you can see how much revenue was attributed to the location and registration type. In the example below for the week of 5/1/22, $100.36 was applied to In-Person classes, $271.22 was applied to Atelier South Online, and $69.71 was applied to Atelier North Online. 

We then show you how many total registrations were made for each registration type and the dollar amount for each location. 

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