In-App Purchases

At Union, we want to ensure our clients can provide a seamless registration experience for their students. The app is designed for members/subscribers as they can seamlessly register for all classes and access replays.

In-App Purchase Limitations

There are certain limitations and considerations regarding in-application purchases and registration options that you should be aware of for non-members.

Union restricts in-application purchases to In-Person classes only due to the commission requirements imposed by Apple and Google. These platforms mandate a 30% commission on all digital products, including Livestreams and Replays, but exempt In-Person/physical products. As a result, most clients prefer not to lose 30% of their revenue or increase their prices by 30%, leading to the disabling of in-application purchases.

Important Changes

Apple recently tightened enforcement on June 26, 2022, affecting all future new applications and application revisions. This further restricts in-application purchase options for our clients.

Registering for Virtual Classes

If your students wish to register for virtual classes and do not have an existing pass type, they can do so via any web browser (e.g., Safari or Chrome). After purchasing the pass, they can continue to book from their preferred browser or through the application.

In-Person Only Passes

If your clients offer passes that are exclusively for In-Person registrations, students should be able to purchase a new pass to register using the Union application.

Passes with Virtual Registration Options

Customers with subscriptions or passes allowing both virtual and in-person registrations can register for any class using the Union application with their existing pass or membership.

Registration Types and Checkout Flow

When a pass, subscription, payment plan, or ticket is created in your Union organization, administrators have the flexibility to choose which registration types it allows, such as In-Person, Livestream, Replay, and more. If a pass includes options for ANY virtual registration types, Union must block these options from the checkout flow in the application. This is why some pass options may not be visible during app checkout.

Notification Banner

The Union app will display a blue banner to inform your customers when certain items are unavailable for in-app purchase. This typically includes options such as subscriptions, which are not shown because most subscriptions offer both in-person and virtual registration types. However, customers using a web browser (on a laptop or phone) will see all available options during checkout.

Livestream Option in the Application

We retain the "register for livestream" or "play video" options in the Union application because customers with an active pass or subscription can register using their existing pass type. While these options may seem redundant, they facilitate a smooth registration process for students who purchased a pass type from their browser.

Alternative Options

To avoid in-app purchase limitations due to Apple's requirements, we recommend guiding your customers to add your Union website as a shortcut to their mobile or tablet device. This keeps them signed in and provides quick access from their home screen, resembling an app-like experience. Customers can see all available pricing options that suit their needs best. For more information, visit "Create a Shortcut on Your Home Screen."

Feel free to share this information with your customers to help them make the most of their Union experience.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at We are here to help you navigate these considerations effectively.

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