Run a Revenue Categories Report

In Union, Revenue Categories are a great way to file away revenue that are associated with your passes. To locate your revenue category line items, hover over  Repots > Sales > Sales by Revenue Category.

When viewing the report, you can use the date selector to run a specific date range. We've also added a few common date ranges for you on the left side of the calendar. Once you select your date range, click  View to re-run the report. 

Default for most Union reports will be the last 30 days.

You can also click the drop down arrow next to view to Download CSV

When reviewing your report on the Union interface, we provide you with quick snapshots so you can see the breakdown for each line item. If you'd like to learn more about all the orders that took place for the dates selected, simply click Details.

Use the filters to help refine your search and if you want a downloaded version, click the drop down arrow next to View. If you would like more details about any order, choose View against any line item. 

If you haven't created your revenue categories quite yet, click to learn how to set these up! 

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