Video Usage Summary Report

Your Union account includes a Video Usage Summary report (Reports -> Video -> Usage). This report provides an overview of your organization’s daily video usage minutes. 

The following information is presented by day:

Encoded minutes: length of recorded video (or uploaded media) in minutes, processed in real time and delivered to varying devices and browsers. Union currently charges $0.04 / encoded minute.  Encoded minutes are a 'one-time fee' anytime a video is uploaded. So, that could come from a livestream or from uploading a video.

E.g. a 60 minute class has 60 encoded minutes which would cost $2.40. This cost is not incurred again after the video is created, unless the video is uploaded again. 

Note: If you are uploading new media content (i.e. new media content or uploading an edited version), Union charges $0.04. This is considered new media content.  

E.g. a 60 minute live streamed class has 60 encoded minutes which would cost $2.40. An admin downloads the video to make edits. The new video is now 45 minutes and is uploaded to Union. There is 45 encoded minutes which would cost $1.80. An org's total encoded minutes is $4.20. $2.40 for the initial livestream and $1.80 for the edited version. 

Delivered minutes: sum of all customer video minutes watched, whether livestream viewing or replays (video’s created in the past).Union currently charges $0.003 / delivered minute. 

E.g. a 60 minute class could have 600 delivered minutes due to 10 customers watching 60 minutes each.  This would cost $0.18 per customer ($1.80 total). 

The same class could have 600 delivered minutes the next day, 10 new customers watching the published replay 60 minutes each. This would cost $0.18 per customer ($1.80 total).

By clicking on the bolded number, you will be able to see what videos were viewed and delivered minutes for each video. 

Total (Bill) Amount: sum of each day’s encoded minute cost and delivered minute cost. This amount will be shown as a line-item in the Transactions report upon withdrawal.

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