Cancel a Registration (as an Admin)

Your students can cancel their registrations while signed in to their Union account (exception includes cancelation windows). However, if you would like to do this for them, you can do this with your admin, teacher, or front desk role.

In Union, you can access your registrations list by clicking the performance name in bold or on the bolded number below the attendance type.

If you are teaching a hybrid class (i.e. in-person and virtual), you can toggle between each list by clicking on the registration type

Click the drop down next to Check In and select Cancel.

You must accept the alert that you are canceling a registration. 

The status for their registration will become a red pill stating Canceled. *If the student registered with a drop-in pass or class pack, the registration credit will automatically be applied to the pass it was deducted from to be used at a later time.

If you have enabled Silent Cancel (Settings > Registrations > Edit Cancel Settings), you will have the option to Cancel (Silent). Select if you wish to not notify your student about the cancelation. To learn more about Silent Cancel, please visit our video tutorial.

If you have enabled Late Cancel Fees (Settings > Registrations > Edit Cancel Settings), you will have the option to cancel your students registration and instantly apply your cancelation fee. Visit our video tutorial to learn more! 

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