Checklist for New Google & Yahoo Rules (DMARC Record)

As of February 2024, the following are the new requirements implemented by Google and Yahoo for bulk senders. This support article offers a checklist to ensure your accounts are up-to-date.

Article Summary:

  • You will need to ensure you have a DMARC Record in place
  • How to add a DMARC record to your root domain
  • Ensure emails contain an unsubscribe link
  • Spam Rate Threshold of 0.3%
  • Google and Yahoo Announcements

You will need to add the DMARC record to your root domain. Steps are provided below.

DMARC Record Check

You can quickly check to see if you have a DMARC record in place already using DMARCian. Once you’re on the site, simply add your domain and click Inspect the Domain.

Once you click Inspect the Domain, you will see one of the following:

Response Option 1: If you see this image, this indicates there is no DMARC record published. You will want to get this added to your root domain. Please jump to "Create a DMARC Record to your Root Domain" for next steps!

Response Option 2: If you see this image, you're all set! Please reach out to to let us know that your DMARC record was marked as valid. We will verify on our end just to be certain.

Response Option 3: If you see this image, please reach out to and provide a screenshot. We will verify on our end just to be certain!

Create a DMARC Record to your Root Domain

If you need to create a DMARC record, you can quickly add this to your root domain:

  1. Sign in to your host domain
  2. Add a new record
  3. Type: TXT
  4. Name (Host): _dmarc
  5. Value: v=DMARC1; p=none

Here are some common providers: Cloudflare | Go Daddy | . For the full list, please visit dmarcian support doc.

Once these have been added, please be sure to visit your Workspace settings to click Verify. Please feel free to reach out to to let us know this has been updated. We will verify on our end that these records are verified.

If this does not instantly verify, please allow 72 hours.


Unsubscribe Link

Ensure that all emails contain an unsubscribe link.

Each of your emails sent from must contain one of the following:

  • {% unsubscribe %}
  • {% unsubscribe_url %} → this is my favorite :) 
  • {% manage_subscription_preferences_url %} (available if you are using our Subscription Center feature)

Learn a quick way to save a row. This can be a great tool to use to update your footers (and how to save some of your favorite layouts).

You may have had some support with your email templates that included an “unsubscribe” variation. However, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Union Support!

Spam Below 0.3%

Ensure you are following Deliverability Best Practices

Set a schedule to check your Dashboard periodically - it displays spam complaints from all email providers except Gmail. Make sure this number stays under 0.3%.

IMPORTANT: Gmail spam complaints do not show up in the Dashboard (Gmail does not report this information to anyone).

If you do not send more than 1,000 emails in a 24 hour period:

  • Focus on monitoring your spam rate with other providers in the Dashboard, as described above.
  • Ensure you’re following the Deliverability Best Practices, as described above.

If you send more than 1,000 emails in a 24 period, follow these additional steps:

  • Sign up for Google Postmaster Tools. Instructions here.
  • Set a schedule to periodically monitor the “Spam Complaints” area. Make sure this number stays below 0.3%.

Google and Yahoo References

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