Sales by Payment Method

If you need to run a report to see a breakdown of daily or monthly sales, you can quickly do this by running a Payment Method Report.

Examples for why this report could be helpful:

  • Team members who count down a drawer at the end of the night
  • Quick glimpse of total revenue per payment method and your Net Revenue

Only accounts that hold the default Admin Role can view this report. If you'd like to allow certain staff members the ability to view this report, please create a custom role (one permission you will need to select is View Payment Methods Report selected and possibly, additional tier permissions).

Reports > Sales > Payment Methods

The default view will include:

  • Cash
  • All Locations
  • Last 30 Days

However, you can use the filters to adapt the report to fit your viewing needs and download a CSV.

Navigation in the Report

As mentioned above, you can customize the view for your report. So, now what?

Let's take a look at an example (below) of a daily report that shows both cash & non cash at all locations. Against each line item (Payment Method), you will see the total for each type. If you would like details about a specific payment method, click View.

This will lead you to an orders report so you can see all orders that create the sum amount.

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