Streaming with Zoom

Union currently advises against this as most studios and creators don't have the internet bandwidth to support this. This method is unsupported by the Union support team. For more details, please visit the Zoom article.  

Visit your Zoom browser account to create a new meeting and choose Schedule a Meeting

Create your rules for the meeting and click Save

Scroll down to Live Streaming and click Configure Custom Streaming Service

Next, sign in to your Union admin account and visit Products > Locations. Click on the desired space to get your stream key. The fields required in Zoom are Stream URL, Stream Key, and Livestreaming Page URL. 

Stream URL: rtmp://

Stream Key: the remainder string of letters and numbers 

Livestreaming Page URL: Click Public against your gradient menu bar and copy the URL to paste here. 

It will look something like this

Starting your Zoom Livestream

Your customers will join the livestream from their Union accounts. You will need to start the call from your Zoom app account. 

Once you have started the call, you will want to click on the three vertical dots ( More) and select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service. 

You may see this pop up in your browser: 

It will then redirect you to your public Union page. Click Dashboard against the gradient menu bar. In your Upcoming Sessions, you should see your class with a red dot that says Camera Active. Click View Stream to access Union's Streamboard

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