Waitlist Log

Whether you're curious to know the waitlist registration history or are needing to troubleshoot, the waitlist log is an opportunity to see what was going on. Here's where you can see more details about the performance registration history. You'll be able to see when students registered and when students were added to the waitlist. If you need to look at the Waitlist Log click the drop down arrow next to Notify Waitlist from your waitlist performance page.  

Warning: If you have a limit of when students can join a waitlist (Minutes Before Class Waitlists Can be Joined) and a cancelation occurs within this time frame, students will NOT be notified. If you would like to notify students, you can manually Notify Waitlist.

Taking a deeper look at the students who joined the waitlist, you can see when they joined, what the registration status looked like at that time, and what SMS message was delivered. The status (registerable) tells me there were zero spots available, there were 5 registrations and 1 person on the waitlist.

When we look at the next student, we notice that there were no changes to the registrations and there are is now a count of two customers on the waitlist. 

If a registration is canceled and a spot opens up, your log may look something like the image below. Notice how there is now 1 available spot, there are 4 registrations made, and 2 people on the waitlist. The two people on the waitlist both received the text to register. 

If a customer follows the text, and completes the registration, you will see the registration in the log.


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