When an In-Person class fill ups, customers can add themselves to a Waitlist to receive a SMS notification if a spot become available. See our video tutorial for more details! 

Waitlist Settings

When you visit Settings > Waitlist, you'll see customization options for Waitlists. Below, we'll define each setting you can customize.

Enable Waitlist for In-Person Performances

If you would like your clients to have the ability to add themselves to a waitlist, please click the check-box to enable this option.

Waitlists are available at the performance level. If you have series event (i.e. workshop or training), customers can join the waitlist from a single performance.

Minutes Before Class Waitlists Can be Joined

The cut off time for when someone can add themselves to the waitlist. By default, Union sets this limit to 30 mins, so that someone doesn't join a waitlist without time to arrive and attend, but you can customize has necessary.

Registration Page

You can view who has signed up on the Waitlist when visiting the performance registration Check-in screen.

Created is someone that joined the waitlist, and hovering over it will show you when they joined. Delivered lets you know your students received the SMS notification, and you can hover over it to see when the notification was sent.  

By clicking Register this will take you to Union's register so you can register your customer for the class. *Note: If there have been no cancelations, you will override the capacity if you have admin or teacher permissions. 

If you click the drop down arrow next to Register, you will have the option to Cancel their waitlist registration. 

Notify Waitlist will send SMS message to all waitlist members that a spot has opened up (even if one is not available). 

If you need to look at the Waitlist Log click the drop down arrow next to Notify Waitlist. This is a great tool to use if you are needing to do some troubleshooting for your waitlist members. Here's where you can see more details about the performance registration history. You'll be able to see when students registered and when students were added to the waitlist. Please visit our support article about reading the Waitlist Log

Warning: If you have a limit of when students can join a waitlist (Minutes Before Class Waitlists Can be Joined) and a cancelation occurs within this time frame, students will NOT be notified. If you would like to notify students, you can manually Notify Waitlist.

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