Troubleshooting Livestream Networking Issues

First, make sure you run our recommended Internet Speed Test and ensure that you have 10Mbps Upload (not Download) speed. Make sure you run the test from exactly where you plan on livestreaming. (i.e. don't run the test from your upstairs bedroom if you are livestreaming from your basement studio)

Please note, you absolutely, positively, no fudging, MUST HAVE 10 Mbps upload speed to successfully have an HD livestream. Otherwise your video is going to look bad and disconnect frequently causing participants to have a poor experience.

There are two factors that contribute to you not being able to send 10Mbps upload speed: your Internet connection and your internal wifi network. 

If your Internet connection isn't fast enough, the only way to fix is to contact your provider and upgrade. Typically Internet plans get faster for the same price, so if you check your provider's website to see what they are currently offering you can often call and tell them that they need to upgrade you at the same rate you are currently paying.

This guide is to help when your connection is fast enough, but something is happening with your internal WiFi network that is causing issues.

Tips for better WiFi connectivity

  1. Move your router closer to where you are livestreaming or vice-versa

  2. Make sure you are connecting over the 5ghz option if available. WiFi over 2.2ghz is subject to interference by things like microwaves and other devices so 5ghz is generally preferred.
    Unfortunately this is different between every type of router, if you don't know how to look at these settings try searching for your router name + manual

If that doesn't work, you have two additional options:

Upgrade your WiFi network

Most people have wifi routers that came from the provider that don't tend to be that great. There are new mesh routers that let you buy a multiple units that you can place in your house that distribute the wifi more evenly, good for when there is a large distance between your router and where you want to livestream. This is a great solution that will improve wifi for every device in your house, but it is more expensive than the hardwire option below. 

We recommend:

Hardwire your device
This option allows you to connect your device directly to the router over ethernet, bypassing wifi entirely. You will need to buy an adapter for your phone or tablet and a cable to connect to your router. More detailed instructions here:

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