How to Create a Groupon Campaign in

Many subscriptions based businesses look to Group to get new customers in the door. If you’re one of these orgs then you’ll need to take these steps to set up your Groupon campaign.

Start by confirming your sale prices with Groupon and have everything set up with your Groupon representative. From there you’ll need to provide Groupon with a link that customers will receive after they purchase to create an account with Union. To start, you’ll want to build a free pass that the customers will get. (They’ve already done the purchasing through Groupon so now you just want them to get access to your org on Union.)

Create a pass with an access code in Union. If you have multiple Groupon pricing options, you’ll need to build a pass for each one. *We recommend keeping Groupon in the title.

Then, you will need to create a landing page in Union. Landing pages are a built-in feature of Union to create a clean and easy user experience when directing a customer to a specific pass. Learn How to Create a Landing Page in Union.

You will want to share your landing pages with your Groupon representative so they can add this to the automated email that customers will receive after making their purchase on Groupon.

By creating a separate pass for each offer on Groupon you’ll also be able to look into who has signed up for your pass and cross-check those names with your Groupon Merchant Center. This last step is how Groupon knows to pay you, so make sure you are checking people off in the Merchant center after they create an account on Union so that you get paid!

Now, you’re all set to start selling on Groupon.

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