How to Create a Landing Page in Union

Landing pages are a clean way to direct customers to a specific pass or subscription. Whether you are running Facebook ad or sharing a link on social media, landing pages create a more user-friendly experience and make it easy for your audience to sign up.

To get started, hover over Marketing and then click Landing Pages. Click New Landing Page.

The Title of your Landing Page is for your org backend view only. Feel free to name this whatever you want to keep you organized within your org. Click the color swatch title to customize your landing page background.

Under Pass Type, select which pass you would like connected for this offer by clicking on the box. You can use use any pass type whether hidden with an access code or available to the public! 

Next, you'll be adding details about your offer, this is what your customers will see. Give your landing page a Title and Description. The Completion CTA (Call to Action) will be the button your customers click to claim the offer. You can then select a unique and branded color for this button like the background color selector.

We recommend the button color being the biggest pop of color so it is easy to find and click!

The Completion Title is the title for what your customers will see once they complete the purchase. Think of this as a Thank You page with suggestions on next steps. Use the Completion Description section to offer guidance to help get them started now that they have the offer! You’ll finish your thank you page by adding a Completion CTA and a Direct URL (i.e. your Union homepage, replay library, or a specific category in your library). Then, click Create.

You will then be able to see a template of what your users will experience. Need to make adjustments? No sweat, simply click Edit Landing Page. If all looks great, click Back.

Required fields for your customers include First/Last Name, Email, Phone Number, and Credit Card. This is due to safety precautions for new and existing accounts.

To grab the direct URL for your fresh landing page, click the drop down arrow next to Edit and select Public URL

Here you’ll see the finished page you created and where you can copy and paste the URL to share in places like an email marketing campaign, your website (pop-up window), or social media!

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