ClassPass FAQ

ClassPass operates for studio owners by providing them access to a vast network of users seeking fitness classes, enabling owners to fill unused class spots and increase their customer base by listing their classes on the ClassPass platform, where users can discover and book them using a subscription-based model. Please visit Integrating with ClassPass to learn how to enable this in your org today. Here are some frequently asked questions!

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Do I disable all of the ClassPass listings I have on my current ClassPass dashboard if I was using ClassPass prior to the integration? Reach out to your ClassPass rep, emailing them the info after you’ve configured it. ClassPass will make the flip to start using the integration and will inform you of the timeline.
Do we have the ability to limit the number of spots available to ClassPass for any given class? You can do this inside of ClassPass once you've pulled in the schedule via the integration.
Do I even need to check my ClassPass dashboard anymore? (except perhaps for stats/reviews etc?) For the most part no, but Union will be launching a feature soon that will allow you to upload your ClassPass registration report which will allow you to see ClassPass revenue inside the Union reporting.
If a class is full will ClassPassers be able to join the waitlist? Students can continue to sign up for the Waitlist in Union. ClassPass currently does not support waitlist functionality, but we suggest you reach out to your ClassPass rep for more information.
Where do I check-in ClassPass registrations? In Union — the integration will check-in the student on ClassPass automatically
Where do ClassPass refunds occur? ClassPass payments and refunds should be processed on ClassPass — Union does not collect revenue for these.
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